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Post shares now drive reach on Instagram


For all social media lovers, Adam Mosseri’s responses via Instagram Stories (Head of Instagram) have become a regular appointment.

Recently, he clarified a very important point: the share rate of content is now more important than watch time, likes, and comments.

This is very interesting and shows us how Instagram’s strategy is increasingly shifting from what happens in the feed and explore to how people interact via DMs.

For those who work like me in the world of social media, there is another point not to be underestimated.

When will external analytics platforms update with KPIs that more closely reflect META’s new perspective?

If by default we have reports that prioritise total engagement and interactions and their rates, perhaps we should talk more about share rates and subsequently watch time, comment rates, and like rates.

So get ready to review your reports, or it will be difficult to explain why you need content that is not self-referential but creates an impact in a few seconds and is therefore shareable.

I end with Adam’s response:

“More important than watch time or like and comment counts is send rates, and generally, I think the rate is more important than the count.
So the number of sends per reach, the number of likes per reach, the number of comments per reach.
But sends per reach correlate more, in my experience, with overall reach than anything else, because we are looking to help people discover content they want to connect with friends over, and so sends is a great proxy for that sort of connection over creativity.”

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